Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all transaction files are secured using our cloud based storage system, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You can e-mail your concierge at anytime, or call during normal business hours. Upon submitting of your transaction, your transaction coordinator will contact you and provide you with their contact information.

Your file is uploaded the same day you submit your transaction, and is updated as information is received and verified. Your cloud-based file should always be current.

At close of escrow you will receive either an email link or electronic copy via flash drive or disc. Then your file will be archived and can only be accessed by special request thereafter.

You will have an assigned Transaction Coordinator Team who will handle all of your transactions. Never will you have to wait while someone is on vacation or ill, you will have a transaction coordinator team member available at all times during regular business hours. Your transaction will always be handled by Seasoned Transaction Coordinator.

With the cloud-based platform we use, we can entirely work paperless with agents across California. You do not need to be located near our office in order for us to work for you. You will be surprised at how effective we are and how available we make ourselves to everyone involved in the transaction.

Upon the closing of your transaction, your file is archived and we can provide you with a copy upon request. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your copy.

This is completely your option. However, it is most efficient if we may communicate directly with your client. We will keep you informed of all communications and CC you on all emails.

Absolutely, we can take over a transaction that has already been started at any time during the transaction.